As an Honors student, you can consider the possibility of undertaking an Honors Enrichment Tutorial, particularly if you are actively involved in a major that requires a large number of courses or you have completed the Baccalaureate Experience requirements.

Honors Enrichment tutorials are meant to personalize your classes. They have the potential to lead to scholarly articles in journals or to presentations at professional conferences. They are an agreement between you and the professor of one of your classes to meet at least once every other week to discuss a special project on which you are working. The project may be extra problems that you discuss in a seminar, a written paper, or it may be a laboratory experiment, a review of some pertinent literature, a research project, or a creative work. Honors enrichment tutorials offer you a special opportunity to interact with your professor to advance your education. 

These tutorials are intended to improve the quality of the class and elevate it to an Honors experience for you. You and the professor make the arrangements and submit them to the Director of the Honors Program. You receive Honors designation for the course once the professor indicates successful completion of the tutorial project to the Honors Director. A successfully completed tutorial counts as one Honors course to fulfill the Honors Program requirements. 

To arrange an Honors Enrichment Tutorial, simply do the following: 

a) Select one of the classes you will be taking or are already taking. This must be a class taught by a full-time member of the UT faculty, not an adjunct professor. This class must be taken for a letter grade (A – F), not pass/fail. 

b) Approach the professor about doing it as a tutorial as well as a classroom experience. If one professor is unable to do it, another from one of your other classes usually will.

c) Complete this application with your professor by the deadline (the deadline is the third Friday of classes each semester). This application requires a description of the project and dates for the meeting times. 

d) At the conclusion of the term, remind the professor to write the narrative assessment so that it becomes part of your file and the professor may receive the stipend. 

If you have additional questions about Honors Tutorials, please see this guide on the Honors blog.